The METACARD is an exclusive NFT membership pass built on the Ethereum blockchain for the FULL SEND community. With METACARD you'll get utilities across the digital and physical world.
There will be a very limited supply of only 10,000 (ten thousand) original METACARDs. Once they’re released, the only way to get one will be on OpenSea, a secondary market.
A METACARD will grant you early access to FULL SEND’s virtual world. We got a lot of ideas boys from virtual events, to community meetups, to branded goods. METACARD holders will be first in line to access these.
Yeah, just like most NFTs METACARD holders will be able to trade theirs on the secondary market.
The whitelist pre-sale will release at 9:30am pst on January 19th. The remaining METACARDS will be available at 12:30pm pst the same day. They will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.
You know how to find us on YouTube and Instagram, but now we got a Discord just for FULL SEND METACARD! We know a lot of people in the NFT space you never know who will pop in.